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Star Wars Rogue One 3D Glasses
Star Wars
Rogue One

Red Cyan - Anaglyph 3D Glasses - Hand Held
Red Cyan
Hand Held

Red Cyan - Anaglyph 3D Glasses - with Arms
Red Cyan
With Arms
Red Green - Anaglyph 3D Glasses - with Arms
Red Green
With Arms
Red Blue - Anaglyph 3D Glasses - with Arms
Red Blue
With Arms
Polarised 3D Glasses
3D Glasses
Pulfrich 3D Glasses
3D Glasses
ChromaDepth 3D Glasses
3D Glasses
Green Magenta - Anaglyph 3D Glasses - with Arms
Green Magenta
with Arms
ColorCode 3D Glasses
Channel 4 3D TV
3D Glasses
ColorCode 3D Glasses with Arms

ColorCode 3-D Glasses with Arms

Pack of 5 £9.99 GBP
Pack of 10 £18.99 GBP
Pack of 25 £45.00 GBP
Pack of 50 £75.00 GBP
Pack of 100 £140.00 GBP

Quantities of packets may be entered on the Buy Now page.

All prices include delivery any where world wide.

Pay by cheque, download and fill in our mail order forms.

ColorCode 3D glasses are the only 3D glasses that will work for the 3D TV specials produced using the unique ColorCode 3-D process.

Past 3D TV transmissions include:

  • Channel 4 had a week of 3D programming 2009:
    • 16 Nov 9pm : The Queen in 3D, two parts comprising rare newsreel of the Coronation from 1953, shot by director Bob Angell and cameraman Arthur Wooster
    • 16 Nov 10pm : Derren Brown's 3D Magic Spectacular
    • 18 Nov 12:40am : Flesh for Frankenstein
    • 20 Nov 10pm : Friday 13th Part III in 3D
    • 21 Nov 9:20pm : The Greatest Ever 3D Moments (a compilation of movie and TV clips)
    • 22 Nov 3pm : Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus - Best of Both Worlds Concert
  • Chuck v The Third Dimension
    Virgin1 broadcast a special 3D episode of Chuck at 9pm on 25th August 2009
    Repeated at various times on 28 and 31 August
  • Monsters Vs. Aliens - American Super Bowl Halftime 90-second trailer in 3D
  • PepsiCo SoBe Life Water 60-second 3D drink ad
  • Entertainment Weekly, Fortune, People, Sports Illustrated, and Time Magazine all covered the latest 3-D news in special features during the last week of March 2009
These ColorCode 3D glasses are perfect as spares or replacements for these various 3D TV special transmissions or internet TV downloads and various internet 3D images.

The lenses in these cardboard ColorCode 3D glasses have an amber/yellow lens for colour and detail and a blue lens for depth, ideal for viewing various ColorCode 3D movies, 3D videos and 3D images.

The ColorCode 3D glasses are blue cardboard glasses with arms - one size fits all.
These are the original licenced ColorCode 3D glasses with sturdy double thickness cardboard frames, they are not the flimsy promotional single thickness (DIY cut out) 3D glasses being distributed else where.

Large quantities of ColorCode 3D glasses are available for sale at a discount. We can also help you make the most of your ColorCode 3D glasses promotion by having them custom printed with your own full colour design and marketing message. Please Contact Us for details. (Minimum order for customised printing is 1,000 ColorCode 3D glasses with arms.)

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