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Solar Eclipse Glasses - CE Approved

Annular Solar Eclipse : Friday 15 January 2010
The Annular Solar Eclipse will be visible across central Africa, the Indian Ocean and eastern Asia.

A partial eclipse will be visible from eastern Europe, most of Africa, Asia, and Indonesia.

Be prepared and view it safely.

Solar Eclipse Glasses - CE Approved
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Solar eclipse glasses will be essential to ensure safe solar viewing of the Annular Solar Eclipse of the Sun on Friday 15 January 2010.

These are brand new safety solar eclipse glasses, they are CE approved and independently tested for safe direct solar viewing. The eclipse glasses comply with the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Directive (Directive 89/686/EEC), details of the EC directive can be found on the DTI web site.

They have explicit usage information printed on the rear to ensure safety and also carry the CE mark.

For safe solar observations the solar eclipse glasses contain Solar Skreen® mylar (silver coloured) lenses to optical density 5.0 set in plain white cardboard glasses with arms. The patented lenses consist of 2-ml scratch resistant, double aluminised Solar Skreen® that filters 99.999% of the ultra-violet and infrared rays of the sun.

Large quantities of solar eclipse glasses are available for sale at a discount. We can also help you make the most of your solar eclipse glasses promotion by having them custom printed with your own full colour design and marketing message. Please Contact Us for details. (Minimum order for customised printing is 5,000 eclipse glasses.)

Annular Solar Eclipse : Friday 15 January 2010
What You Will See
The path of the moon's shadow will produce an Annular Solar Eclipse which begins in western Central African Republic. Because of the Moons large distance from Earth at this time it produces an unusually wide path of annularity. Traveling eastward, the shadow quickly sweeps through Uganda, Kenya, and southern Somalia, the Indian Ocean, the Maldive Islands including the capital city Male.

When the it reaches Asia the central line passes directly between the southern tip of India and northern Sri Lanka. Both regions lie within the path where maximum annularity lasts 10 minutes 15 seconds Quickly sweeping over the Bay of Bengal the shadow reaches Burma where the central line duration is 8 minutes 48 seconds.

From there the central line enters China. The shadow crosses the Himalayas through Yunnan and Sichuan provinces Chongqing lies directly on the central line. Racing through parts of Shaanxi and Hubei provinces, the antumbra's speed increases as the duration decreases. In its final moments, the antumbra travels down the Shandong Peninsula and leaves Earth's surface.

A partial eclipse will be visible from Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia and Indonesia.

A detailed list of places, times and animations showing what you can expect to see can be found on

Further Information
Excellent sites for further details about solar eclipses and how to view them safely are:
NASA Eclipse Information
Sheridan Williams' Solar Eclipse Web Site
Eclipse Glasses for sale on-line now - - our new site.

Manufacturers safety endorsement
Our safe solar eclipse viewing glasses have received an independent safety endorsement from the foremost authority on eye safety during solar eclipses. Dr. Ralph Chou, professor of optometry at University of Waterloo, developed the eye safety standards for viewing solar eclipses.

"SolarSkreen has had an excellent reputation for more than 25 years as a safe filter material for observing the sun and solar eclipses. I recommend it for both beginning and experienced solar observers." Dr. Ralph Chou.

WARNING : Never observe the Sun with the naked eye or a telescope, binoculars, camera or other optical device. Doing so will seriously damage your eye sight and may lead to permanent blindness. Both the eye and artificial optical devices concentrate the extremely strong ultraviolet light from the Sun onto the retina. This can permanently destroy the retina's ability to detect light. To safely observe a solar eclipse you must use CE approved safety solar eclipse glasses such as those on sale here or use indirect methods such as pin hole projection onto a suitable surface.
Please note these solar eclipse glasses are not suitable for use with optical devices such as telescopes, binoculars or cameras, you need stronger and larger solar eclipse filters than these to protect you from the magnified sun light when using optical devices.
You will put your eye sight at risk by only wearing regular sunglasses or shades to directly view the sun.

Future Eclipses

Organise the holiday of a life time to view a Total Solar Eclipse, considered one of the most breathtaking phenomenons anyone can observe. (Be ready and buy your eclipse glasses now.)

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